Worked on the Watergate hearings

Day 28 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

She served on the House Judiciary Committee for Nixon’s impeachment hearings at 26 (turning 27 while on the committee).

I think this is a fascinating point, even though her role on the committee was not significant – mostly, she researched and wrote briefs to support the efforts of her bosses. It seems incomprehensible to me, given the historic significance of the hearings, that this did not influence her long-term thinking.

First off, who gets an appointment like this at 26?

Secondly, how could it not affect you?

Although my goal here is to find reasons to support her rather than condemn her, I’m intrigued that her personal response to trouble is to resist intrusion (avoiding press conferences and sometimes obfuscating) rather than deciding transparency is the better choice. And this is decidedly a negative. I would love to know whether her resistance has been life-long or was adopted over time.

I’m choosing to put this experience in the plus column, in part, because she was so young to be given such an important job; in part because I think (emphasis on “I think”) it is impossible not to have been powerfully and negatively influenced by the experience at her age; and because I think it, in small measure, explains her resistance to investigation on an emotional level.

I also think it was an aberrant, but in many ways honest, introduction to the seamy side of politics and the lengths to which some people will go to win. Her mistrust of other politicians may have been built in early on.

There are, of course, rumors that she personally deprived Nixon of legal counsel (at 27!) and that she was fired from the committee.

For those, I deliver:


  1. I really admire you for taking this challenge on. Understandably, Clinton has developed a hesitancy to be frank with the press over the decades they have spent covering her because of how the media has covered the innumerable investigations launched by the GOP over the years. This piece by Jonathan Allen helps to explain how the media and Clinton have interacted over the years: . And all of this is in addition to the often very sexist coverage she’s subjected to. Who wants to invite more of than into their lives? And this piece refers just to what is happening via media coverage in 2016:

    • Thank you for the support and this information. It’s a formidable task.

      Of course, I personally think anyone who wants to be president is, by definition, crazy.

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