Day 9 — Why I’m voting for Hillary and not against Trump (although he’s making it harder not to make it all about him).

Hillary started life as a Republican, serving as president of the Wellesley Young Republicans in her freshman year (to reiterate: president, as a freshman). What moved her away from the GOP was the civil rights movement and, secondarily, the war. She organized a two-day strike on campus after the assassination of Martin Luther King, during which she worked with (6! – out of 401) black students to recruit more black students and faculty.

The attached is an interesting article talking about her movement from Republican to Democrat. It shows that, early on, she cared deeply about injustice, worked hard, paid attention to details, was a thinker and negotiator rather than an instigator (personally, I’m of two minds about this, but think it might be appropriate for this environment), and sent thank you notes to everyone (a theme in her relations still, I’m discovering). It also shows that she’s willing to evolve her thinking as needed to match her beliefs. I know her detractors will see this bit differently than I do. But I see it as a real positive.