I am so not the point of this blog that — fighting all of my marketing girl instincts — I chose not to include any info on me. However, the question has been raised, so I will answer it.

I’m a writer who markets or a marketer who writes, with a fair dose of Bus. Dev. thrown in. Some of my clients don’t know I market, some don’t know I write; the best ones use both skills. I was a NY advertising/marketing person until just about 9/11, which I participated in close up. My office, literally, looked out on the smoldering pit that had been the World Trade Center. A few weeks of that, the realization that advertising careers in NY preclude a personal life (I left home at 7:30am and usually got home at 9:30pm), and, well, putting together briefing decks on “Mustard Facts,” and I knew I was done.

I came home, moved a little farther into the woods, got a dog, and started freelancing. Sometimes, I go to work for extended periods of time for someone else (show up at the office every day, wear real clothes, go to meetings, order lunch in), and I love the energy, the exchange of ideas, the arguing, the collaboration and being part of something bigger than just me. Then, the gig ends, and I go home again. And it’s good too.

Then I got another dog. So, right now (literally), I’m sitting on the couch, laptop ablaze, surrounded by dogs — one draped on the back of the couch with her head on my shoulder and another trying to maneuver his way onto my lap, ever-so-slowly shoving the laptop aside. And then I miss the connection of working with people and being engaged. So, that may be part of why I started this blog. I just wanted someone to talk to. Oh yeah, and the bit about the survival of life as we know it.

I’m a hybrid, always have been. I love working with other people. I love working alone at home. I market. I write. I sell. I teach. It’s why I am good with Hillary. There is no black and white in my world. It’s all gray to me.