Day 60 (phew!) – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Hillary supports STEM.
The relationship between women, blacks, and technology is an unnecessarily quiet one.
Fewer than one in three employees working in tech are women and three percent of tech employees are black. One factor affecting this is the availability of appropriate training in school. Only one in four schools teach computer science in the US.
Nationally, fewer than 15% of high schools offered Advanced Placement computer science courses in 2015. Of the 50,000 students who took the A.P. exam, fewer than a quarter were girls and roughly 13% were minorities. Only one in four schools teach computer science in the US.
Obama started a “Computer Science for all program.” Hillary is doubling down on it, including a targeted set-aside for computer science education. The success of this depends on recruiting and training teachers. Her plan will put an additional 50,000 teachers in the field over the next decade.
She is also pulling in funding from private parties, such as Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, and nonprofits such as, committing $60 million to the national program and teacher-training in computer science. And she’s creating programs to work with states, offering matching funds for regional initiatives.
She also supports private sector partnerships to create more makerspaces (if you don’t know what this is and why it’s valuable, the 3rd link talks about them).