Day 78 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Hillary was instrumental in the mission to take out Osama bin Laden.
I was in downtown NYC on 9/11/01. I saw the first plane hit. I saw both towers fall – live. In real time. I choked up when I heard they’d retasked Chelsea Piers’ hockey rink as a makeshift morgue (I drove by it every day on my way to/from work). I sobbed when I heard they never used it because there were no bodies to store.
I never understood why attacking Iraq was considered relevant. I don’t believe in the death penalty (I just don’t think I have the right to take anyone’s life unless doing so saves another – in the moment.). However, I was not unhappy that we killed Osama bin Laden. It is personal.
I appreciate the care and caution our government took in this mission, although it would have been great if it happened sooner. I appreciate the fact that it was surgical and not a massive attack. I appreciate the fact that the women and children in the compound were not also killed. And I appreciate that he was disposed of in such a way that no shrine could be created. I’m also glad that this mission was so successful because I hope it inspires our government to use this model more often moving forward.