Day 10 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than against Trump.

The environment. With her apparent support of GMOs, she, presumably, has a mixed record. However, she has an 82 percent lifetime score from LCV (League of Conservation Voters) for her votes when she was in the U.S. Senate. Many of the votes that kept her score from being higher supported offshore oil drilling, which she seems to have backed off of since then. (I know I promised to stay positive, but FWIW and to compare, every GOP candidate scored lower than 10% on the environment from LCV – most of them had a 0% rating.)

While in the senate, Clinton voted to:
• Keep drillers out of public lands, including Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
• Support clean, safe, renewable energy.
• Protect families by ensuring water and air are clean.
• Seek alternatives to coal.
• Provide assistance for low-income families for help with energy bills.

The consensus appears to be that she will support the more aggressive energy initiatives of Obama’s second term.

The scorecard:

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