Day 65 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Hillary (and Bill) are actually dedicated to doing good in the world – let’s take on the Clinton Foundation.
First, let’s talk about what good they do (then I’ll get to the questionable stuff):
• 35,000 American schools provide kids with healthy food choices;
• 150,000 farmers in Malawi, Rwanda, and Tanzania benefit from climate-smart agronomic training, higher yields, and increased market access;
• 8 million+ trees and tree seedlings have been planted;
• 600,000+ people received market opportunities created by social enterprises and health and well-being programs in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa;
• 11.5 million+ people in 70+ countries have access to CHAI-negotiated prices for HIV/AIDS medications;
• 85 million people in the U.S. will be reached through strategic health partnerships
This work is what makes the Foundation so confusing and open to misunderstanding. It is not a “Foundation” in the way we often think of it: their sole purpose is not to fund other charities; their primary purpose is to perform the work themselves and fund a limited number of charities.
So, let’s talk about the issues:
1. The Clintons are getting rich off of the Foundation.
           a. Neither Bill nor Hillary take any salary or direct pay from the Foundation. (Chelsea doesn’t either.) Never have. However, they have given $4.3million to the Foundation. This represents about 25% of their total charitable giving in the last 14 years.
2. The Foundation only gave 10% of its money to charity.
          a. This point goes to the difference between a foundation and a charity. The Foundation has given away about 10% of its operating budget to charity – that’s true. However, they spend about 88% of their operating budget doing the work outlined above.
3. The Foundation and Hillary as SoS engaged in “pay to play.”
          a. And now we get to the stickiest of the accusations: did Hillary do favors for people because they gave to the Foundation? It doesn’t look like it. Yes, people asked for favors. Why not? However, research shows that, with the possible exception of an invitation to a party to a crown prince and Bill recommending a company to Obama – that does good things for the environment – Hillary gave nothing as a result of charitable giving to the foundation as SoS.
The following two links explain this. Please note: one of the sources for this is Breitbart!
So, the Clinton Foundation is in the business of doing good – and it looks as though it has been very successful doing so. Charity Watch gives it an “A” rating for charities. Charity Navigator rates it a 4 out of a possible 4, both for its work and its transparency. Here are links to the ratings and to some other articles about the Foundation.