Day 11 – Why I’m voting for Hillary and not just against Trump.

She’s a woman. (I know. That’s obvious.)

But, when Bill lost re-election as governor of Arkansas, they really were broke. They had a baby, had to leave home (the Governor’s Mansion) and had no other, and had no income. She did what women all over the world do: whatever needed to be done: she arranged for child care; she got a job; she used the money she’d saved from her public service work and bought a modest house. The job she got paid the bills (and changed the direction she took) rather than being the job she wanted. Bill licked his wounds and toured Arkansas to find out why he lost.

I think it is part of the reason she has taken on women and children as her cause célèbre. Even though she’s a multimillionaire now, she’s been there (yes, with the advantage of two law degrees and the ability to work, but it’s still scary). She empathizes in a way few can. Plus, she’s a “get the job done” person.