Day 87 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Hillary wants bullying to stop. (Me too.)
A week ago, Hillary participated in Spirit Day, an annual event to raise awareness and combat bullying of LGBT youth. She tweeted, “This #SpiritDay, let’s take a stand for LGBT youth and send a clear message to all our kids: In the end, bullies always lose,” along with a purple version of her campaign logo.
While one of the most vulnerable, the LGBT community is only one group to suffer at the hands of bullies. Muslims, women, people of all colors, and the disabled are just a few of those who are targeted regularly.
Today, she launched “Better Than Bullying,” to deliver $500 million in new funding to states that develop comprehensive anti-bullying plans; they will be eligible to receive $4 of federal support for every $1 of new resources they commit.
There are multiple, intersecting pieces to this plan, largely working with schools and the Department of Education to create behavioral and remedial programs designed to educate and reform bullies while offering support and counseling to victims.
Clinton will fight to pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act to require federally funded school districts to adopt codes of conduct that explicitly prohibit bullying on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion.
She will dramatically increase funding for School Climate Transformation Grants from $23 million in FY 2014 to $200 million annually and will include an incentive for school districts to hire School Climate Support Teams for the first year of the grant. School climate will become one of the factors in evaluating and rating schools.
It’s a hot topic, made hotter by the current climate. Here’s to a remedy, or, at least, some action.