Day 77 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Hillary loves elephants and wants to protect them.
What could be cooler than that? There are few creatures as loving, noble, smart or loyal as an elephant. Unfortunately, they are in trouble. This year, the Great Elephant Census – a survey across 18 countries – found that populations of savanna elephants have fallen by 30% in just seven years. And last year, scientists estimated that 65% of forest elephants have been slaughtered for their ivory since 2003.
Speaking at a Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, Hillary Clinton tied this slaughter to terrorism. “There is growing evidence that the terrorist groups stalking Africa, including Al-Shabaab with its horrific attack on the mall in Nairobi, fund their terrorist activities to a great extent from ivory trafficking.”
As Secretary of State, Clinton took on elephants and poaching and has made it an important piece of her platform moving forward. She held the State Department event on Wildlife Trafficking and Conservation: A Call to Action, which brought together foreign ambassadors, including from Kenya and Indonesia, and leaders from international organizations, non-governmental conservation organizations and the private sector to discuss the issues and develop resolution. And the Clinton Foundation has made it a priority. She vows to keep the pressure on as president.
It’s not often the wildlife conservation and the war on terrorism cross paths, but they do and I appreciate Hillary making the connection. And politically, it’s a good way to bring those who care about terrorism into the world of conservation. If you look at the Guardian link below, there is another link to a story she told on Ellen about an elephant that is very cool and a little hair-raising.