Day 50 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Hillary supports the arts.
This one is actually only a “B,” rather than an “A.” Hillary has supported the arts, working hard to hang onto funding for the NEA during Bill’s presidency when many were trying to defund it.
She was a member of the Senate Cultural Caucus and won the Americans for the Arts National Arts Award for Arts Advocacy for her work as First Lady. She put together the White House Crafts Collection, which is a little dear to my heart as crafts have often been relegated as “lesser” in the art world and, historically, have been more often created by women. Coincidence?
I’m citing this as a positive, but giving her a “B” because it is not really a priority for her. She is supportive when it comes up, but she does not appear to go out of her way to support the arts. However, she does talk, when asked, about the power of art as therapy for victims of sexual assault in Africa, for example. So, she does understand and promote the healing power of art.