Day 59 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

She launched a bipartisan manufacturing caucus in the Senate.

The mission of the caucus is (their words):

The House Manufacturing Caucus examines and promotes policies to help American manufacturers find trained, educated workers, continue to lead the world in developing new industrial technologies, operate on a level playing field with their foreign competitors, and obtain the capital they need to thrive.

For the most part, labor supports Hillary (more on this later); however, there have been circumstances in which she hasn’t supported labor in the way in which they want to be represented. One that has achieved commentary recently is the coalminers (I’ve written about this before). She’s not looking to support coalmining; in fact, quite the opposite (the environment is grateful, btw). However, she is working to create training and demand for workers being displaced by closing coalmines.

The fact that she – along with Lindsey Graham (!) – created this caucus takes us back to her general approach to legislation, which is to do her homework, find out what’s going on, and base her political response on what she learns.