Day 44 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

She’s got concrete plans to keep manufacturing jobs in the US.

She has a $10billion “Make it in America Partnerships” plan. First off, this is funded by clawing back the tax breaks corporations received while shipping jobs overseas, cracking down on foreign countries not currently in compliance, and reviewing current trade agreements, including NAFTA and TPPA.

This initiative includes using federal resources to coordinate workers, unions, business, universities and government to encourage industry to locate regionally. For example, Universities are great incubators for business (Facebook, Kinko’s, Snapchat, Def Jam Records, The Onion) – about 30% of all business incubators are located at universities, but students have little access to practical support on how to actually start the business and could use tax breaks to locate it where it was founded or in a depressed area with an available workforce.

There are other pieces to this plan and you can read about them below.

In PM Modi’s footsteps? Hillary Clinton wants to launch ‘Make It in America’