Day 82 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Hillary honors veterans.
She could do more (we can always do more), but she pays attention to veterans’ needs and has some solid plans to support veterans moving forward. Not surprisingly, a lot of it comes down to budget. The VFW advocates for needs-based budgets over arbitrary budget caps for the DoD and VA. Hillary strongly supports ending the sequester, which prevents this.
To step back a bit, some of what she’s done for vets includes:
• Guaranteeing healthcare to reservists and guardsmen even when they were not deployed.
• She increased the payment to families of those who die in service from $12k to $100k.
• She broadened the Family Leave Act to include service members’ families who act as caregivers.
Moving forward, her plans include:
• Eliminate barriers between DoD and VA to simplify benefits claims.
• Strengthen the adjudication process for claims processing and denials.
• Make the Work Opportunity Tax Credit permanent for companies employing veterans.
• Keep and strengthen the GI bill.
• Create a President’s Council on Veterans and convene a White House Summit to ensure the programs actually meet the needs of vets. This falls in line with her habit of going to the source for her education on every issue.
For people who care, the first link here is an objective depiction of each candidate’s plans for veterans based on the issues the VFW deemed important. It’s worth the read.