Day 76 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Hillary has worked to eradicate HIV and AIDS and to assist those afflicted.
This issue has been on her radar for quite some time and she has always dedicated a significant portion of her time and energy on it.
As first lady, Hillary convened global leaders to strategize and coordinate efforts to take on HIV and AIDS. She worked for increased funding for U.S. prevention and research efforts—especially for pediatric AIDS—and honored scientists committed to AIDS research.
In the Senate, Hillary put forward legislation to expand global AIDS research and assistance and to increase prevention and education. She voted for the creation of PEPFAR and to defend and protect the Ryan White Act. She co-sponsored legislation to extend Medicaid coverage to low-income people with HIV and expand resources for HIV testing and education.
As secretary of state, American aid supporting people on antiretroviral treatment increased over 200% reaching almost 7 million people. She worked to transition from working with international NGOs to deliver services to working with in-country partners and ministries of health, dramatically dropping the cost of care.
Hillary cannot directly take credit for some of these initiatives; however, she can take credit for establishing and promoting the State Department’s missions and priorities. She chose what was important to them.
Several of her efforts are targeted at those segments least likely to seek treatment because of cultural stigma, e.g., trans people, which I particularly like. It’s harder than reaching out to those more willing to openly seek and accept treatment. And let’s not forget the work of the Clinton Foundation in this regard. They are the world leader in HIV/AIDS treatment.