Day 45 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

She has an even temperament.

The following YouTube video has been promoted around social media as “evidence” of Hillary’s lack of concern about Benghazi and as an indictment of her passing out misinformation in the early hours after the attack. On the day of this video, she sat through nearly 11 hours of interrogation – her third investigation of the same incident (we will discuss stamina in a later post). In the 9 minutes of video, she is given less than 1 minute to answer the “questions” being asked, and is interrupted when she tries.

What I see is someone who is theoretically testifying, but, in fact, is set to listen to speeches under the guise of being asked a question. After 11 hours and three hearings of this, the fact that she is as restrained as she is, suggests to me, at least, that she is capable of great restraint and patience.

The second article references her famous, “At this point, what difference does it make?” question. In context, I still think it shows restraint and an even temperament.