Day 30 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

Ironically, she is tech savvy and has a serious and comprehensive tech plan.

Don’t care? I bet you do.

Not one of us is immune to the importance of technology and the policies that guide it. From the fairly simple: most school children need access to the internet to complete their homework. Not all of them have it. The vast majority of jobs are only available now via online applications. Not everyone can apply that way or consistently receive emails responding to applications.

Universal access is an important issue – Hillary wants every US resident to have access by 2020 and has made this part of her initiative for her first 100 days.

In the aftermath of the Sacramento shootings, we saw how critical the cooperation of law enforcement and the tech community is. For the past year+, Hillary’s panel has met regularly to discuss those issues and develop mutually workable solutions.

To the somewhat wonky: how technology patents are crafted and defined is critical to preventing patent infringement and encouraging development. She has a plan to improve this, and is willing to put the resources behind it.

Here are a couple of articles discussing what she’s already done and what she plans to do with some analysis about the quality of her thinking, so that when she gets into office, she can hit the ground running. And, for the most part, her plans are on the progressive end.

If you want more info on Trump’s tech plan, the last para of the backchannel article covers it.