Day 41 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

Revisiting 9/11

Today, this post has to be about 9/11. It may have gotten lost in the thread following an earlier post, but Clinton took on, in a most emphatic way, the health and safety of the environment following 9/11.

The Bush White House, the EPA (under Christine Todd Whitman) and then-Mayor Giuliani all insisted the air was fine (it was not). Hillary held everyone’s feet to the fire and made sure that we checked the air, published the truth, and then did something about it – including following up with, not only the first responders en masse, but individual members.

Attached is an article that talks about what Hillary did in the days, weeks, months following 9/11. It talks about her work for the Ground Zero environment, but it also talks about her passion and compassion, which follows up my previous posts about the gap between her likeability and how the people who are near her feel about her.