Prioritized children’s needs in foster care and adoption.

Day 75 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

As First Lady, Hillary put the needs of children in foster care first.

Working with Senator John Chafee (R-RI), she spearheaded the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) as well as the Foster Care Independence Act.

The mission of the act was to prioritize the needs of the children rather than the needs of the parents. John Chafee said, “We will not continue the current system of always putting the needs and rights of the biological parents first. … It’s time we recognize that some families simply cannot and should not be kept together.”

In addition, some of the ASFA’s provisions:

• shorten the time-frame for a child’s first permanency hearing;
• offer states financial incentives for increasing the number of adoptions;
• set new requirements for states to petition for termination of parental rights;
• reauthorize the Family Preservation and Support Program.

The Foster Care Independence Act:

• Provides health insurance for those who went through the foster system without being adopted.
• Offers training and education for foster kids transitioning to adulthood.
• Funds independent living arrangements as they leave the system
• Improves documentation of children as they move through the system.

Hillary cited the Act as the achievement that she initiated and shepherded that provided her with the greatest satisfaction.…/a…/updates/1997/safeadop.htm…/foster-care-independence-act


  1. As an adoptive parent, this one strikes close to my heart. When we were looking to adopt in the early 1990s, there was a lot of uncertainty in domestic adoptions, including situations where a court could reverse the adoption. We recognized that (1) such an outcome wouldn’t be good for the child; and (2) it would be too traumatic for us after years of infertility. A lose-lose as it were. We adopted from abroad for that reason.

    Of course, I’m truly happy with our son and how things worked out. But still, there are so many children in our own country that need help too. This law does help.

    Good works, Hillary.

    And John Chafee, too. He was a wonderful man and a terrific senator. He was one of the architects on the republican side, of many of our environmental laws (Clean Water, Clean Air, etc.) I have pointed to him many times as an example of how Congress used to work so well with bi-partisan communication and cooperation.

    • When I researched this, there were a few negatives re: the possibility/likelihood that this would result in children being taken too easily from their birth families. Those voices were rare enough that I decided there would be more noise if it were common. But I still wonder. Any thoughts?

      In the end, I decided I was happiest about her work to help unadopted foster kids transition and still have a safety net once they aged out of the system. God knows I’ve relied on my parents since I became an adult. That has to be just one more tough aspect of being part of the system.

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