Day 31 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

Hillary is looking after coal miners (and other workers whose jobs are phasing out).

Because she continues to support a progressive environmental platform, the coal industry will continue to tank, leaving coal miners in all kinds of trouble. Some of her plans to help them:

  1. Hillary is fighting attempts by coal companies to use bankruptcy to avoid paying healthcare and pension commitments.
  2. Working to reform black lung benefit programs to support those who are afflicted to receive full compensation.
  3. Mitigate lost school revenue because of closed mining and power plants to protect local schools.
  4. Rebuild infrastructure in Appalachia.
  5. Repurpose mine lands and power plant sites, e.g., Google’s plan to build a data center at a recently closed coal plant in Alabama.
  6. Offering a comprehensive re-training program so they can learn high-tech skills – This one is practically an entry to itself. The skills, of course, require jobs, which means companies, like Google, need to open facilities nearby. And, some of them pay less than, say coal mining. On the other hand, they don’t, I presume, cause black lung or cave-ins.

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