In search of truth.

So, after my way-too-long hiatus, what are we to do now?

I remain of two minds: I want to smash things, scream, yell, argue with anyone who even turns right while walking, never mind votes/leans right – and I want to find peace and compromise and reason. I want us all to agree on facts and then discuss our differences based on a commonly held set of facts.

I am determined that the good angel will win.

So, I’ve been reading a lot and I have a lot of thoughts and theories percolating in my head. I plan to continue to throw some of them out here for your input and consideration.

My first mission is to do all within my power to arrive at a commonly agreed to set of facts when we discuss issues. I am convinced that the growth of cable is an important reason behind our differences. We all used to get our news, and, therefore, our facts, from one of three networks, all of whom reported pretty much the same news.

We then debated policy based on that news and those facts. Now, the right listens to Fox; the left listens to MSNBC, and we no longer base our conversations off of the same information. Our inability to agree on the most basic of issues was revealed when Sean Spicer was either unwilling or unable to state the current unemployment rate in this week’s press conference. The government releases those figures (or used to) and they should be readily available to the White House Press Secretary. He managed to have an aide bring him the number of people the WH brought to the CIA meeting and in what rows they sat. Doesn’t it seem possible that someone could have dug up the current unemployment stats as well and delivered them to him?

With most federal departments muzzled per executive order, it is going to become increasingly important – and difficult – for us to track and monitor our information and its sources. The administration says this is temporary as they sort things out. We shall see.

I urge everyone to become more active and diligent consumers of news. Check EVERYTHING you read, even when – or especially when – it comes from a “friendly” source, i.e., those who already agree with you. Let’s not contribute to the unhealthy noise.

If we as a country are to move forward with any semblance of unity and peace, we need to start negotiating from a place of truth and integrity. I will continue to do what I did prior to the election and research issues with as unbiased an eye as I am capable of. I will add my own opinions and perspectives, but the facts I provide will be vetted from multiple mainstream sources.

Please do the same. Call out untruth where you see it. Be polite.

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  1. Fabulous thoughts and well stated! Keep shining the light.

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