Day 27 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

She was instrumental in insuring 6 million children.

Her name is not on the SCHIP bill (State Children’s Health Insurance Program), but she worked within the White House to make it happen. She promised, when her more universal healthcare plan failed, that she would make sure that at least children were covered.

Then (and we’re starting to run into a few recurring threads in this journey), when it became apparent that, executionally, there were problems making it work, she stepped in and helped.

Some of the recurring themes are important to me. The pattern seems to be that she finds something she philosophically cares about (in this case, children), works to get it enacted one way or another – despite its unpopularity (Bill didn’t really want to do it – and he was President at the time), then figures out if it really works on the ground, and tweaks that until it does work. At the risk of being polarizing in a different way, I think this pattern exemplifies a reason that having a woman in the White House is a good thing. She doesn’t seem to lose sight of the less glamorous housekeeping aspects of her work.

(For the “buying into sexist stereotypes” crowd, I do not mean housekeeping literally, I am intrigued by her super-wide practical streak combined with ideology. Call me a sexist, but I do think women — IN GENERAL (millions of exceptions apply of course) — are better at this.)

Naturally, there are those who dispute her influence on this bill. For you, I provide FactCheck.