I trust those who trust her.

Day 92 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

Because, despite all the reasons that might exist for various groups to dislike her, they trust her.

The relationship between the presidential candidates and the press is rocky at best. The relationship between Hillary and the press has always been fraught. Not surprisingly (to me, anyway), she is mistrustful and likely views the press as a necessary evil.

That said, for months, they live together, travel together, eat together, attend events together, muck through rain, heat, humidity, snow and spectacular days together. Consider it Stockholm Syndrome if you like, but there exists a bonded relationship between the press and the candidates. It may be as toxic a relationship as the worst families, but the connection exists nonetheless.

On one of the forums I belong to, someone asked who knows the candidates better than the press? Who else sees them tired, energized, beaten, challenged, euphoric, hungry and, very messily, themselves, day in and out? Who has spent more time vetting their words? Questioning their policies? Watching them evade and capitulate? Who sees their bullshit better than the press corps?

So, I respect their opinions. I trust their judgment. I love watching press interview press and looking for the raised eyebrow and pinched lips when asked about the candidates. I’ve learned a lot from those moments.

This year, the press has – nearly universally – come out in support of Hillary. Coming from them, this may be the most valuable and compelling endorsement of all.



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  1. On a similar wave, Bill Clinton said (I’m paraphrasing): Her strongest supporters are people who’ve worked for her or him.”

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