Day 74 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Hillary has a plan for people and familes with autism.
Those who conflate autism with vaccines have moved the conversation about autism into something with a specific cause, a simple solution and puts it in the realm of disease. Each of these notions inhibits real research, ignores nuance, diminishes avenues for treatment and support, and ignores the reality of those who are currently looking for an appropriate place in our communities.
Hillary developed a comprehensive plan to work with those with autism. Her plans include:
• Conduct a nationwide early screening campaign to ensure that all children — especially low income — can be screened for autism.
• Push states to require health insurance coverage for autism services.
• Launch the Autism Works Initiative to establish public-private partnerships to connect people with autism with employment opportunities that match individual skill sets rather than assuming profound disability.
• Authorize the first-ever adult autism study in the U.S. to improve our understanding of how to identify, serve, and support adults on the spectrum.
This has never been done at the federal level. Kennedy is the last president to initiate any comprehensive reform for people with disabilities.