Day 80 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Her opponents support her.
Despite being a tough competitor, or “a nasty woman” as some might say, she earns and retains the respect and support of her opponents. Despite a bitter campaign, Barack Obama hired her as his Secretary of State. Despite an even more bitter campaign, Bernie Sanders is out stumping for her.
Michael Chertoff, who prosecuted Hillary in the Whitewater hearings has chosen to endorse her, saying what happened then is insignificant to what she can and will do as president. While the Bush men won’t publicly say they are voting for her, the Bush women have.
Despite significant political differences, an unprecedented number of Republican leaders have come out to endorse her. With the antagonistic history between the GOP and the Clintons, there is still something about her that merits their support. Some of it may be that she is middle-of-the-road, but I do believe that a lot of it is her ability to work with people who oppose her, and more importantly, that her history and experience have earned her this support.
The Clinton baggage is huge, and, honestly, the primary reason I have qualms about her. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, it is possible that the only thing the GOP establishment hates more than a black Obama is a female Clinton. And yet….