Day 86 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.
Hillary relies on her faith to inform her social justice efforts.
I’m not a particularly religious person (ok, not at all), mostly because I have seen too many ways in which organized religion and actual spirituality fail to intersect.
Hillary was raised Methodist and, by all accounts, is a true believer. When it comes to how this informs her political stances, it is worth noting the pillars of Methodism. The four pillars are Scripture, tradition, reason and experience. That reason and experience are so central to the theology encourages me.
As a very young woman, she met Don Jones, a Methodist youth minister who took Clinton under his wing. At Jones’ memorial in 2009, Clinton attributed her pursuit of social justice to Jones’ teaching.
“He taught me the meaning of the words ‘faith in action’ and the importance of social justice and human rights,” she said at the time. Jones taught Clinton how “Jesus would deal with social issues,” said William Chafe, a professor of history at Duke University who has studied Clinton extensively.
“He took Hillary and the youth group into the slums of Chicago, had them interact with poor blacks and Puerto Ricans, and brought them to hear (Martin Luther King, Jr.) preach,” Chafe said. He pushed them to question their faith, arranging a debate with an atheist about the existence of God. He took them to Jewish synagogues to introduce them to different religions.
Some of her success as a Senator came about because she joined a bible study group and participated in weekly Senate prayer breakfasts. The connections she made with the other Senators enabled them to work together more openly and concretely.
Despite my lack of affiliation with an organized religion, I am heartened when people use their faith to commit themselves to social justice and kindness. I included a link below to a talk Hillary gave to the United Methodist Women’s Assembly in 2014. It is worth noting, she refused a fee and paid her own expenses to attend the event.