Funding Zika — Keep the politics out of emergency healthcare.

Day 66 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

She would like to keep politics out of emergency healthcare.

We’ve all heard about the Zika virus and the serious medical issues it is causing. Back in February, Obama proposed emergency funding for treatment, prevention and research. Congress wouldn’t agree to it without piling a bunch of other political issues into the pot, including defunding Planned Parenthood.

On 9/29, Obama signed an emergency bill allocating just over half of what he originally requested.

In response to this issue – and to circumvent the damage that’s already been caused by the delay in funding (see the Reuters or CNN articles below) – Hillary proposed, and plans to enact, a “Public Health Rapid Response Fund.” Its purpose is to provide instantaneous funding when something new and dangerous arises suddenly, e.g., Zika and Ebola, so we don’t get mired down in politics when we should be protecting the country’s health.

Clinton argues that “we are not investing in public health preparedness and emergency response the way we should,” and backs up her claim with evidence showing that “spending on public health had fallen more than 9 percent since 2008.” She says she plans to address the problem in part by creating a “Public Health Rapid Response Fund” that offers “consistent, year-to-year budgets, to better enable” public health officials “to quickly and aggressively respond to major public health crises and pandemics.”…/us-health-zika-usa-idUSKCN12327R…/10/03/hea…/zika-funding-late-but-spent/…/zika-inaction-spark…/425103/…/zika-hillary-clinton-federal-fu…/

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  1. That is a great idea I didn’t know about. The GOP’s reaction to the Zika threat has been shameful.

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