UPDATE — I am now an active supporter of Hillary’s. She is smart, REALLY does her homework, is a policy wonk, and has bitten her tongue often enough it’s a miracle she can still speak. I still wish her instinct were not to withdraw and withhold, and, of course, I still wish she were even further left (but then she really couldn’t get elected). What follows is how this blog started and shows the beginning of this journey. The experience has brought me to a different place than where I started and may have taught me more than I want to know about politics and the system, But it has made me a more informed citizen. I actually have enthusiasm for her presidency, which I didn’t when we started.

I will miss the Obamas’ grace, soaring rhetoric and moving speeches, but alas. It’s time for the nerds to take over and someone who has worked hard to conciliate and achieve. I hope Congress gives her a chance, assuming she succeeds. I hope this blog helps make that possible in some small way.

And she really is doing it backwards and in high heels.

Here is my original post:

I’ve never been a particular fan of Hillary’s. I’ve never voted for her. Frankly, she’s too conservative for me. And I’m not really a fan of the ways in which she — and Bill — always tread so closely to the line. Where the line is changes. How closely they step on the line changes. But they seem to like to push boundaries in ways that make no sense (to me) for such smart politicians. So, this election was tough for me since it became inevitable that Hillary was going to be the most progressive candidate.

I am dismayed, however, by the other side. I am so anti-Trump that I would vote for almost anyone before I would vote for him. The possibility that he could ever be in charge of this country scares the bejesus out of me. So, I was focusing on all the reasons he would stink as president.

I was challenged on Facebook to do two things:

  1. Stop contributing to the nasty and negative tone out there.
  2.  Focus on the positive.

I decided that was a great challenge. It came just about 100 days before the election. So I decided to find 100 reasons to vote for Hillary.

Here they are.

(This is not to suggest I don’t have my reservations about her or see why others might; it just means, on balance, I am good — and getting better — about the notion of her being president.)