There’s nothing new or special about this, but it really brings home to me the fractured country we live in. I am a voting citizen of the US. I pay taxes. The government represents me as much as it represents anyone in this country — or it’s supposed to.

I received this letter today from your president. I say “your” because — clearly — he’s not mine, nor does he want to be. I am “they” in this letter. Someone else is “we.” He does not speak to me or for me, nor does he pretend to.

If anyone ever wonders why I am so rabidly anti-Trump, this letter sums it up pretty nicely. This is the frigging POTUS.

For the record, I am proud of of my country (or used to be) and I’m patriotic, despite what POTUS says. And, I am one of the people of the country “you and I love.”

He started this rhetoric before he took office and it’s never going to end until he’s out of office. I dedicate my political energy to seeing that happen.

This is not what this country needs and it will never “Make America Great” again or ever.


The loony Democrats have taken things way too far.

From illegal immigration to the National Anthem, they’ve made it clear that they’ll put ANYTHING over the pride and well-being of patriotic AMERICAN CITIZENS [So, what you’re saying is that “they” – Democrats – are not also “patriotic AMERICAN CITIZENS.” So, what are we exactly?].

But that’s exactly why I ran, Friend. I got tired of seeing how liberals and politicians were treating the people of the country you and I love. [Hang on, I am one of those people too.] Now we’re showing them just what we’re made of – and we’ve got to stay strong!

I’m asking you personally to help me fight by making a contribution before our End-of-Month deadline, Friend.







YOUR support has always been the core of this movement. Let’s show the liberals just how great the American people are when they come together for our nation [So, again, liberals and Democrats are not “American people?” You’re saying “Americans” are only Trump supporters? Everyone else is…what, exactly?].

Please contribute before the FEC end-of-month deadline.

Thank you,

President Trump Signature Headshot
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States of America


And, just out of curiosity, does anyone know what this money is for? More lawyers?