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She put herself on the line for her beliefs

Day 20 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

As a 24-year-old law student Hillary worked undercover in Alabama to determine whether schools were abiding by the 1969 Supreme Court decision to integrate (they were not).

Apparently, this was a seminal moment in her awareness of the realities of racism and her activism. To that point, she was not a person of action or personal bravery (she was also young), but took a more cerebral, legislative approach. Since the segregation was against the law, it’s reported this experience opened her eyes to the limitations of legislation, i.e., just because it’s the law, doesn’t make it happen.

I do appreciate her willingness to challenge her thinking and push herself out of her comfort zone to find the truth.

She surrounds herself with smart, capable people

Day 19 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

She surrounds herself with professionals and experts.

There are 15 key advisors working on her campaign. Among them, they have worked on a total of 22 presidential campaigns as well as several local and state-level campaigns.

Personally, I have always liked when I am surrounded by smart and knowledgeable people because it does make me smarter and better.,_2016

Gun control — maybe she will do it

Day 18 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

This one’s a bit of a toss-up for me.

Hillary has been a strong advocate of gun control from the beginning. In fact, she claims that Congress’ failure to act after Littleton is what inspired her run. While the details of her position have shifted over time, she has always favored restricting assault weapons and tighter background checks and rules about who should be able to purchase a gun.

I, of course, would like to see them banned altogether, but I understand, that, in a democracy, I’m not going to win this fight. For those who fear she wants the same thing, here’s a good parsing of her position:…/trump-distorts-clintons-gun-sta…/

In the meantime, I will take comfort in the fact that she has advocated for stronger gun control since the beginning and she has made it a central part of her platform.

Here’s a summation of her comments and position over time:…/Hillary_Clinton_Gun_Control.htm

Something important for us to consider

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Strong advocate of animal rights

Day 17 – My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

Animal rights

The Humane Society Legislative Fund ranks the Senate and the House on their support of animal protection legislation every year and publishes what legislation was proposed, enacted and not enacted, and ranks every single member on their performance.

Last year, the average score was 47 out of 100. During Hillary’s six years in the Senate, her lowest score was a 75 and her highest was 100+. She averaged a 92. (And FYI: CT legislators averaged 100+.)

I’ll take it.…

If you’re interested in what she says on the subject:
“The way our society treats animals is a reflection of our humanity.”…/protecting-animals-and-wi…/

(I will only just resist posting multiple pix of Trump’s kids posing with slaughtered wildlife – mostly because I can’t bear to look at them.)

She supports women — in important ways

Day 16 — Finding reasons to vote for Hillary rather than just against Trump.

Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton founded the Vital Voices Global Democracy Initiative to promote the advancement of women as part of US policy — making it conscious policy — not just an afterthought.

The meetings and successes that sprang from this effort, which brought women from 80 countries together to share resources and intelligence, led to the formation of the Vital Voices Global Partnership, which is now an NGO which really does remarkable work.

I volunteered for them for several years and their achievements are remarkable. They have, literally, changed the world for women, in addition to making profound differences in the lives of women in villages and communities throughout the world. I can honestly say hearing the stories of the women they support and work with was one of the most inspiring occurrences in my life.

For more about them:

She is adventurous

Day 15 — My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary and not just against Trump.

More silliness. In 1969, she worked in a canning factory in Alaska. She also applied for a job at NASA, and was shocked to discover they didn’t hire women at the time (just the beginning, perhaps, of her feminism).

This mostly just makes me like her better. But it does show she is willing to try anything.

She’s been an advocate for children from the beginning

Day 14 — My journey to find reasons to vote for Hillary and not just against Trump.

Her interest in, and relationship to, children and children’s issues goes back to the beginning. What’s seldom noted is that her BA from Wellesley was a double major: Poli. Sci. and Psychology, specializing in children’s development.

Her first three jobs out of Yale Law had to do with children’s rights and issues.

Here’s her letter of recommendation from one of those.

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Republicans like and admire her

Day 13 – Unearthing the reasons I’m voting for Hillary and not just against Trump.

Let’s ask the people who work with her what they think.

Steve King (3 days ago – for those who might forget, this is the man who said “non-whites” haven’t contributed to modern culture.) “I’ve sat across the table with Hillary Clinton eye-to-eye, and when you’re working outside of staff and outside of the press, she is somebody I can work with,” King said during a speech at the Des Moines Register’s Soapbox at the state fair.

Read more:…/2016/08/steve-king-clinton-226915…

Kissinger: “She ran the State Department in the most effective way that I’ve ever seen.”

Condoleeza Rice (Meet the Press) “No, look, it’s a unique situation. I think we all see that it’s unique. But my successor, Hillary Clinton, is an extremely talented woman. She is a woman of integrity. She believes in this country deeply. We’ve already had a couple of conversations. I know her from the time she brought her freshman daughter to Stanford for the first time when I was Provost. And she’s going to do this very well.”

Jeb Bush: “Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy. These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.”

Mitch Daniels (former Rep. Governor of Indiana): “She is comprehensively experienced and has advantages that some of the other contenders would have to scramble to match in terms of her exposure to the world and… foreign policy.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee: “I would have great respect for the formidable nature of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. She’s more the policy wonk, the ideologue, less that incredible connector with people that Bill Clinton is…Hillary Clinton is a rock star within the Democratic Party…She’s a policy genius.”

Jon Huntsman (Utah Governor, Ambassador to China): I’ve worked around Hillary Clinton while serving as ambassador to China, and all I can tell you as a Republican is she’s pretty good. She’s smart. She’s hardworking. She – she relates to all kinds of people, and I was very, very impressed working with her as a Republican.

Rick Perry: ‘I think your efforts in trying to reform the nation’s health care system are most commendable.’ ‘I would like to request that the task force give particular consideration to the needs of the nation’s farmers, ranchers, and agriculture workers, and other members of rural communities,’

Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘I think she is a very very bright woman and very experienced. I think this could be a great move,’

Gen. Petraeus: “She’d make a tremendous President.” “Mrs. Clinton was ‘extraordinarily resolute, determined and controlled’ in the wake of the attack.”

Oh wait, did I choose only Republicans? Did I choose only pretty conservative Republicans? Oops. My bad. I’ll try to be more fair and balanced next time.

I think this says A LOT. Not much need for me to chime in.


Transparency about her finances

Day 12 – Why I’m voting for Hillary and not just against Trump.

She has released 39 years of taxes. She’s paid exactly – or more – the percentage she is asking other people in her tax bracket to pay. And she actually does give to charity.

In a lifetime of people accusing her of being oblique and avoiding responsibility, I think this is a pretty concrete form of transparency and walking the walk.

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